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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Contact IFS.. Login.. Home.. About IFS.. IFS Programme.. IFS Grantees.. IFS Publications.. Partners.. IFS SUPPORTS STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH.. The interlinked development challenges that face humanity increasingly require scientists to work with other professions and specialists.. IFS SUPPORTS RESEARCH FOR SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY.. In the coming 40 years, the challenge is to increase food supply by 70% amid crises in water and energy, conservation and biodiversity loss and a changing climate.. Children are stakeholders also!.. IFS SUPPORTS GRANTEES TO BRING THEIR RESEARCH RESULTS INTO PRACTICE.. It is vital to promote the individual agency of men and women scientists, early in their career in developing countries, to put their science into use.. IFS SUPPORTS RESEARCH ON THE MANAGEMENT OF SCARCE WATER RESOURCES.. Water, food, agriculture, sanitation and poverty are connected and should be addressed together for sustainable futures.. " />.. IFS Blog.. 30th September 2014.. 40 years in the company of a remarkable scientist.. This autumn, Professor Dr Atta-ur-Rahman reaches the conclusion of his tenure as a Trustee (2007-14) and his active contribution to the governance of IFS.. As we contemplate an International Foundation for Science without the regular, kind and generous support we have enjoyed from Atta-ur-Rahman, we also reflect on the journey we have travelled in the last 40 years from 1974 until 2014.. Read more.. At the conclusion of a Trustee’s tenure we take the opportunity to celebrate the contribution made and, as a token of our appreciation, we present a stone carved in the runic alphabet which was used during ancient times in Scandinavia.. The runic inscription references the founding president of the International Foundation for Science, Sven Brohult, whom together with Abdus Salam, Roger Revelle and Robert Marshak signed the IFS Charter in May 1972.. This very stone will shortly be making its way to Karachi, as a tiny contribution to the many accolades that Atta-ur-Rahman has received in his on-going career.. Just two years after the IFS Charter was signed, and with a Ph.. D.. in organic chemistry from Cambridge University, Atta-ur-Rahman became the 139th person to receive an IFS research grant.. In those days it was possible to be awarded four IFS grants and Atta-ur-Rahman was awarded grants in 1976; 1977; 1979; 1980 for work in the field of natural products around the synthesis of reserpine analogues and indoloquinolizidines from harmaline and harmine.. Atta-ur-Rahman's work in this field had begun with his doctoral thesis on ’Synthetic Studies in the Indole Alkaloid Field’ under the supervision of Dr.. J.. Harley Mason.. Since then he has gone on to isolate and elucidate the structure of bioactive substances from medicinal plants as well as marine plants and animals continued throughout a long and distinguished research career.. Professor Atta-ur-Rahman is responcible for the discovery of several hundred new/novel natural products, many of which have exhibited exciting biological activities including anti-oxidant, anti-epileptic, anti-leishmania, anti-AIDS, immunomodulating, antiasthamatic, analgesic, nematicidal and anti-cancer activities.. Professor Atta-ur-Rahman’s contribution to science does not end with his research or his discoveries.. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society, London.. He was awarded the UNESCO Science Prize (1999).. He has honorary doctorate degrees from many universities including from his own Cambridge University and Coventry University.. He is Honorary Life Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge and was most recently awarded the prestigious Friendship Award by China.. Prof.. Atta-ur-Rahman was Pakistan’s  ...   facilities, or championing of the availability of Massive Open Online Courses to colleagues in and beyond Pakistan through the integrated platform (.. www.. lej4learning.. com.. pk.. ).. Indeed, our own Approach 3 in the IFS 10-Year strategy owes its name ‘Contributing Innovation’ and much of its context to Professor Atta-ur-Rahman’s wise counsel and advice and his unceasing efforts to unleash the creative potential of young scientists.. Atta, all at IFS salute your huge contribution to the future of science, and look forward to working with you in the shared contexts in which we will find ourselves together again going forwards.. " class="nextarrow" />.. Blog archive.. 2 comments.. Comment on this.. Recent blog posts.. 4th June.. IFS responds to World Environment Day.. 6th May.. Gaining an Appreciation of What Already Exists.. Two of our many grantees.. Dr Kayo Devi Yami.. Nepal.. No.. of IFS Grants: 2 (1985; 1987).. Current position:.. Chief of the Science Faculty of the Roayl Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST).. Dr Isaiah Wakindiki.. Kenya.. of IFS Grants: 2 (1997; 2004).. Current position:.. Researcher, Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya.. Find out more about our grantees.. Latest News.. on science, technology the developing world.. Supplied by.. Calls for Applications.. September 2014.. Currently.. IFS HAS NO OPEN CALLS FOR APPLICATIONS.. The next call for.. Individual Research Applications.. is expected to open 1st November, 2014.. Please check back regularly for news about open calls.. IFS News.. 18th June 2014.. Sida Renews its Strong Financial Commitment to IFS.. This week Sida has extended its support to IFS through a new grant agreement.. IFS is uniquely qualified and experienced to help to build the capability and careers of young researchers, and to help to boost least developed scientific infrastructures.. 28th April 2014.. An enabling Scientific Equipment Policy in Africa.. IFS and AAS with MacArthur support have undertaken Country Studies and National Scientific Equipment Policy Workshops in Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya, reviewing effectiveness of science equipment policies of key organisations and mapping the national and regional research and policy landscape.. 24th March 2014.. Value chains of neglected crops in Africa.. Neglected species (NUS) offer niche markets and incomes for farmers, better nutrition, and options for climate change adaptation.. In an IFS project funded by the EU, stakeholders in Africa will develop value chain upgrading of two promising crops, Bambara groundnut and amaranth.. This will also invo.. 19th February 2014.. IFS Alumni Association in Kenya launched.. At a meeting of IFS grantees, former grantees and advisers held at the ICIPE Duduville campus in Nairobi, Kenya on 13-14 February, the IFS Alumni Association of Kenya (IFSAAK) was officially launched, bringing the number of active IFS Alumni Associations now to six.. 13th February 2014.. IFS call for Individual Research Grant Applications attracts over 1200 applications.. IFS has again received a large response to our call for Individual Research Grant applications.. The call, which closed on January 31, attracted 1170 first grant applications along with 41 renewal grant applications and 16 revisions to previously submitted proposals.. Archived news items.. IFS Secretariat.. International Foundation for Science (IFS).. Karlavägen 108, 5th floor.. SE-115 26 Stockholm.. Sweden.. email:.. info@ifs.. se.. Telephone: +46 8 545 818 00.. Fax: +46 8 545 818 01.. IFS grants & support.. How to apply.. Sitemap.. Credits.. © IFS - International Foundation for Science 2011..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - Contact us
    Descriptive info: RESEARCH ON CROPS FOR FOOD SECURITY.. Contact us.. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).. IFS Mission Statement.. IFS Board of Trustees.. Vacant jobs at IFS.. The IFS Secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden.. A complete list of the staff members is further down this page.. Address:.. Telephone:.. +46 8 545 818 00.. Fax:.. +46 8 545 818 01.. Secretariat Staff.. Director's office.. Dr Graham HAYLOR.. Director.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 21.. Scientific Programme Staff.. Dr Nighisty GHEZAE.. Head of Programme.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 22.. Dr Richard HALL.. Scientific Programme Coordinator.. (responsible for Crop Science, Forestry Agroforestry).. Tel: +46 8 545 818 14.. Dr Ingrid LEEMANS.. (responsible for Animal Production, Aquatic Resources).. Tel:  ...   8 545 818 02.. Ms Ingrid LINDHE.. (responsible for Crop Science).. Tel: +46 8 545 818 15.. Ms Eva ROSTIG.. (responsible for Natural Products).. Tel: +46 8 545 818 08.. Ms Josiane LINDBERG.. Purchasing Manager.. Other Staff.. Ms Heli ANDERSSON.. Manager, Database and Statistics.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 25.. Mr Ulf EDIN.. Head of Administration.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 24.. Ms Liliane PLAIE.. Administrative Assistant.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 03.. Ms Sirilak PONGPATIPAT.. Accounting Administrator.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 06.. Mr Brian PORTER.. Manager, Network and Information.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 18.. Ms Pirkko TOLAMO.. Office Manager.. Tel: +46 8 545 818 27.. " class="nextarrow"/>.. Back to top..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - Login
    Descriptive info: User.. Password..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - About IFS
    Descriptive info: IFS SUPPORTS YOUNG WOMEN RESEARCHERS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.. Global statistics indicate that women are unequally represented in research as well as in the planning, development and application of science.. IFS SUPPORTS COLLABOR- ATIVE RESEARCH EFFORTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.. The interlinked development challenges that face humanity increasingly require scientists to work with each other.. IFS SUPPORTS RESEARCH ON BIOLOGICAL AND WATER RESOURCES.. Livelihoods, development and biological resources are inextricably linked - IFS supports issues broadly related to biological or water resources.. IFS SUPPORTS YOUNG SCIENTISTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES WITH MENTORING AND WORKSHOPS.. Through research grants, workshops and mentoring, IFS helps young developing country scientists to establish their careers.. The Organisation.. One of the principal recommendations of the Pugwash Conference in Venice.. 1.. in 1965 was to establish.. the International Foundation for Science.. ‘in order to address the stultifying conditions under which younger faculty members in the universities of developing countries were attempting to do research’.. IFS was founded as a Research Council and registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Sweden in 1972.. IFS receives funding from a portfolio of donors and funders including development organisations and science academies.. The annual budget is approximately USD 5 million.. IFS has 135 Affiliated Organisations in 86 countries, mainly in the developing world.. IFS has an international Board of Trustees.. Our mission.. We live today in a world that faces many interlinked crises.. The challenge before us is not only to provide sufficient food, water and energy (to a population that will peak at around 9 billion people by 2050) but also to ensure security of supply, at affordable cost and within acceptable limits of environmental change.. Some of the greatest challenges are in the developing world where the scientists of tomorrow must secure their career in research today and to contribute to a global research community that is reducing poverty and supporting  ...   management, conservation, or renewable and equitable utilisation of the natural resource base.. » IFS Mission statement.. The Granting Programme.. IFS has awarded over 7,000 small grants, in over 100 countries, building capability of tens of thousands of young developing world researchers.. An individual IFS Research Grant amounts to USD 12,000.. One person can receive no more than two individual grants.. The IFS grant is intended for the purchase of the basic tools needed to conduct a research project: equipment, expendable supplies, and literature.. A new collaborative research approach for teams of 3-5 grantees is being piloted amongst scientists in East, West and Southern Africa working on biodiversity and under-utilized crops (NUS).. Once the collaborative research pilot is concluded, the aim is to open up this approach for general applications.. » IFS Programme.. Awards to Grantees.. From time to time IFS gives awards for excellence in research to outstanding IFS Grantees.. Grantees must be nominated for these awards, but may not nominate themselves.. Further details in the following pages:.. » Awards.. The Pugwash Conferences take their name from the location of the first meeting, which was held in 1957 in the village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada.. The stimulus for that gathering was a manifesto issued in 1955 by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein -- and signed also by Max Born, Percy Bridgman, Leopold Infeld, Frederic Joliot-Curie, Herman Muller, Linus Pauling, Cecil Powell, Joseph Rotblat, and Hideki Yukawa -- which called upon scientists of all political persuasions to assemble to discuss the threat posed to civilization by the advent of thermonuclear weapons.. Since then the Nobel Prize winning conference series of scientists meeting in private as individuals, rather than as representatives of governments or institutions has expanded its remit to seeking cooperative solutions for global problems.. The 1965 meeting first proposed the creation of IFS.. DISTRIBUTION OF IFS RESEARCH GRANTS..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - IFS Programme
    Descriptive info: IFS AWARDS RESEARCH GRANTS TO EARLY CAREER MEN AND WOMEN SCIENTISTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.. IFS-supported scientists work in their own countries and tackle research related to local needs - plugging the so-called ‘Brain Drain’.. Individual Research Approach.. Collaborative Research Approach.. Contributing Innovation Approach.. Research Areas Funded by IFS.. Eligibility Criteria.. How to apply for an IFS Grant.. Workshops.. Workshop archive.. Useful links.. The IFS Programme aims to support excellent individual and collaborative research, to build capability of early-career scientists in the developing world, and to contribute innovation to the sustainable management of biological and water resources.. In particular, to enable young scientists to contribute to a global research community that is aiming to reduce poverty and supporting sustainable development.. The primary focus remains the promotion of excellent science through early-career research grants and capability enhancing support to individual researchers in developing countries.. The.. IFS Strategy 2011-2020.. describes the goals and strategies of the organisation for the current decade and presents the new IFS Programme divided into three parts:.. This is similar to the former IFS granting programme with some revisions to eligibility criteria.. Individual early-career researchers in eligible countries may apply for research grants to undertake research projects on any aspects of the sustainable management of biological and water resources.. IFS has introduced time-bound calls for proposals with closing dates.. These will be announced here on this website - be sure not to miss the submission deadlines!.. ».. read more.. IFS recognizes that the interlinked development challenges facing humanity increasingly require scientists to work with each other, as well as with other professions and specialists.. Support will therefore be provided for collaborative research teams – including interdisciplinary teams, which combine researchers’ strengths, expertise, and experience, to address a larger topic or a research issue where more than one discipline is required.. Before IFS provide this opportunity more widely, the Collaborative Research Approach is being first piloted in collaboration with the Carnegie Corporation in selected countries of East, southern and West Africa, amongst groups of early-career scientists with a specific research interest in Biodiversity (the 2nd session of the pilot in 2014) and (for the 1st session 2012-13) Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS).. IFS will test how we can best support collaborative research, monitor and evaluate carefully our pilot efforts, and following our learning from this pilot we aim to open this granting option to other IFS applicants in wider disciplines.. If you have an interest  ...   CES.. This support can include travel and publication grants, a purchasing service and a range of different types of CES workshops.. Some of the workshops are relevant to individual or collaborative research approaches or to both.. For more information see the link below.. Financing the Grants.. The IFS Programme is financed by our donors and some grants are co-funded by collaborating organisations.. Donors.. Collaborating organisations.. NO OPEN CALLS.. CURRENTLY OPEN.. :.. IFS has currently no open calls.. (IFS issues time-bound calls for Applications; they are announced here on this website, please check back regularly.. The next call for Individual Research Applications is expected to open 1st November, 2014.. ).. NOT OPEN:.. (pilot project on-going).. Search for grantees or research projects.. Please note that the title may be in either English or French.. Nationality.. Afghanistan.. Algeria.. Angola.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belize.. Benin.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Botswana.. Brazil.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Cape Verde.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Congo, D R.. Costa Rica.. Cote d'Ivoire.. Cuba.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Ethiopia.. Fiji.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Ghana.. Grenada.. Guatemala.. Guinea.. Guinea-Bissau.. Guyana.. Haiti.. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran.. Iraq.. Jamaica.. Jordan.. Kiribati.. Korea, DPR.. Korea, Republic of.. Lao PDR.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Marshall Islands.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Mexico.. Micronesia.. Mongolia.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Namibia.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Pakistan.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Rwanda.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Sudan.. Sri Lanka.. St Lucia.. St Vincent Grenadines.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Swaziland.. Syrian Arab Republic.. Taiwan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Timor-Leste.. Togo.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Uruguay.. Vanuatu.. Venezuela.. Viet Nam.. West Bank and Gaza.. Western Samoa.. Yemen.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Country of research.. Region.. Middle East and North Africa.. Asia and the Pacific.. Latin America Caribbean.. Sub-Saharan Africa.. Scientific area.. Agriculture for Peace.. Animal Production.. Aquatic Resources.. CORAF.. Crop Science.. Food Science.. Forestry/Agroforestry.. Natural Products.. Rural Technology.. Social Science.. Sustainable Agriculture (Teams).. Water Resources.. Exact year.. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. 1995.. 1994.. 1993.. 1992.. 1991.. 1990.. 1989.. 1988.. 1987.. 1986.. 1985.. 1984.. 1983.. 1982.. 1981.. 1980.. 1979.. 1978.. 1977.. 1976.. 1975.. 1974.. From year.. To year.. Sort order.. Last name.. First name.. Country.. Year of first grant.. Ascending.. Descending.. Simple search..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - IFS Grantees
    Descriptive info: IFS Grantees in the world.. IFS has given research grants to young scientists in 103 countries since 1974.. Zoom in on this map (with '+' button) and click on the pins to see how many grants have been awarded to different regions and countries.. Eligible countries list.. IFS Awards.. As you might imagine, over the decades and across many parts of the world, through small beginnings with IFS grants, a sizable  ...   grantees.. Some of the earliest grantees are now retired from science, others hold prominent positions in many fields, including in science, governance and business.. Using the map and the search box you can locate grantees from a region or country, from a particular scientific area.. Some of the most outstanding grantees have been awarded the prestigious Sven Brohult Award.. In a number of countries IFS Alumni Associations have begun to emerge..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - IFS Publications
    Descriptive info: Through research grants, workshops and mentoring, IFS supports young developing country scientists to establish their research careers.. Strategy documents.. IFS Programme documents.. IFS Research Support: Scope and areas of research supported.. IFS Collaborative Research Grants.. A complete description of the IFS Collaborative Research Grants Programme.. IFS Annual Reports.. IFS Annual Report 2012.. (48 page PDF; 2 MB).. IFS Annual Report 2011.. IFS Annual Report 2010.. (incl.. (48 page PDF file; 1.. 4 MB).. IFS Annual Report 2009.. (60 page PDF file; 2.. 8 MB).. IFS Annual Report 2008.. (52 page PDF file; 1.. 1 MB).. IFS Annual Report 2007.. (34 page PDF file; 800 KB).. IFS Biennial Report 2005-2006.. (36 page PDF file; 800 KB).. IFS Annual Report 2004.. (36 page PDF file; 900 KB).. IFS Annual Report 2003.. IFS Annual Report 2002.. (36 page PDF file; 3.. 5 MB).. IFS Annual Report 2001.. (36 page PDF file; 2.. IFS Annual Report 2000.. (36 page PDF file; 515 KB).. IFS Workshops, Briefings Reports.. Proceedings: IFS/AAS Conference Workshops, Nairobi, Kenya.. May 2012.. 1/2012: Addressing Equipment Challenges.. IFS-AAS Equipment Policy Project 2013-2014.. Ethiopia Nat'l Workshop Report.. pdf.. Ethiopia Country Study Report.. Ghana Nat'l Workshop Report.. Ghana Country Study Report.. Kenya Nat'l Workshop Report.. Kenya Country Study Report.. IFS Monitoring and Evaluation.. Impact Studies (MESIA).. IFS Impact Studies measure the impact of IFS activities in developing countries and indicate opportunities for future initiatives and investment.. The method of analysis, the "Monitoring and Evaluation System  ...   Food Science Area.. (64 page PDF file: 1 MB).. 6 (April, 2006).. Summary of IFS Impact Studies Nos.. 1-5.. (28 page PDF file; 0.. 2 MB).. 5 (October, 2003).. Scientific Research Capacity in Cameroon.. An Assessment of IFS Support.. (72 page PDF file; 0.. [Report No.. 5 in French].. Les capacités de recherche scientifique au Cameroun.. Une évaluation de l'impact des activités de l'IFS.. (40 page PDF file; 0.. 4 (October, 2002).. Strengthening Science Capacity in Tanzania - An Impact Analysis of IFS Support.. (108 page PDF file; 0.. 6 MB).. 3 (December, 2001).. IFS Impact in Mexico - 25 years of support to scientists.. (156 page PDF file; size: 1.. 2 (May, 2001).. Questionnaire Survey of African Scientists.. IFS Grantees and INCO Beneficiaries.. (92 page PDF file; 0.. 9 MB).. 2 in French].. Les chercheurs africains: Une enquête questionnaire.. Boursiers IFS et bénéficiaires INCO.. (92 page PDF file; 1 MB).. 1 (April, 2000).. MESIA: Conceptual Framework and Guidelines.. (38 page PDF file; 0.. Evaluations.. 2012 External Evaluation of IFS.. 2012 IFS Prism Project Evaluation.. 2010 External Evaluation of IFS.. 2001 External Evaluation of IFS.. Other Publications.. Breaking Fences May Make for Good Neighbours in Collaborative Research.. A paper by Graham Haylor produced in conjunction with the launching of the IFS Collaborative Research Approach in October, 2012.. Developing Science, Science for Development - IFS 30 years.. A booklet of stories about IFS Grantees produced for the IFS 30th Anniversary in 2002..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - Partners
    Descriptive info: Long-term Collaborating Partners.. Affiliated Organisations.. Sponsors.. At IFS, we value greatly working together with others.. We continue to strengthen collaboration with a variety of partner organisations, both to award research grants and organise thematic and research skills development workshops and other capability enhancing support.. Collaborations aim to boost the capability of young researchers and ensure that the research conducted meets both prescribed ethical and quality standards.. Recent efforts undertaken with partners are increasing capability to formulate, implement and evaluate science research, and improving ability to manage research grants, and organise workshops and scientific meetings.. Types of partners:.. For its operations, IFS depends on funds contributed by other organisations, both those having primarily a scientific agenda and those with a development agenda.. Since its establishment in 1972, IFS has received contributions from hundreds of organisations, government agencies, private foundations, research councils and private companies.. A list of those contributing during the last 5 years is here:.. IFS Donors.. Long-term collaborating partners.. With a number of organisations IFS  ...   local research or other organisations involved in sharing their resources or knowledge, hosting at their venues or working with the logistics.. Often giving their services in kind, these organisations are essential for the smooth functioning of IFS.. IFS Affiliated Organisations.. When IFS was created in 1972 this was done with the cooperation of 15 Scientific Academies, known at that time as ‘Member Organisations’.. Interest to participate in IFS grew quickly among Academies, Research Councils, Universities, Governmental Agencies, and others around the world, and this number stands today at 134 organisations, and they are now known as Affiliated Organisations.. They have a consultative role for IFS today, contributing intelligence and allowing us to better understand local scientific landscapes in order to provide the most appropriate support.. List of IFS Affiliated Organisations.. As a not-for-profit organisation with limited resources, IFS greatly appreciates donations and sponsorships of products and services of the commercial kind – these allow us to better serve the scientific community in developing countries.. IFS Sponsors..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - How to apply for an IFS Grant
    Descriptive info: RESEARCH ON LIVESTOCK FOR ECONOMIC AND FOOD SECURITY.. IFS has time-bound calls for applications which are announced here on the first page of this web.. As each call is issued, instructions will also be given about application procedure and application forms.. The currently open calls are shown in the box to the right, as well as on the first page of this web.. Following the launch of the new.. in 2011, the IFS Programme has three Approaches and these will each have separate calls for applications announced on the first page of this website.. Read more about the Programme and  ...   RSS?.. ) on the first page of this web to receive notification of new calls for research applications as they are published.. You can subscribe by clicking on the symbol on the first page.. (More detailed instructions.. here.. How to apply for a Collaborative Research Grant 2014.. Read the call.. Fill out the.. Expression of Interest.. form.. If you are eligible, you will be invited to an online social networking workspace where you will be able to interact with other prospective applicants, find collaborators, build small research teams and formulate research projects.. Teams then apply to IFS for research grants..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - 40 years in the company of a remarkable scientist
    Descriptive info: Blog.. IFS launches the Carolina MacGillavry - IFS Collaborative Research Award.. "27 years! You shed tears for others, you shed tears for others".. (1).. June 2014.. May 2014.. January 2014.. December 2013.. April 2013.. October 2012.. (2).. June 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. Published: 2014-09-30.. 2 comments.. Comments.. Syed Ehtisham-ul-Haque.. , Oct 07, 2014 at 04:58 PM.. Many prayers and salute for Prof Dr.. Atta-ur-Rahman for having 40 years of scientific  ...   tribute for a great reformer of higher education in Pakistan.. Best wishes for his health and prosperity.. Patrick.. , Sep 30, 2014 at 06:09 PM.. Always good to get inspiration from a nice example !.. cheers, and all the best (life starts at retirement, I was told - don't know whether this applies to retiring board members.. Pages:.. Post a comment.. Add a new comment.. Allowed tags: b i br.. Post..

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  • Title: IFS - International Foundation for Science - Blog Archive
    Descriptive info: October 2014..

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