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  • Title: JJS Sweden Relocation AB | enjoy Sweden, really!
    Descriptive info: .. JJS Sweden Relocation AB | enjoy Sweden, really!.. http://redunovinoxitamin.. de.. Translation.. English.. Svenska.. About Sweden.. Relocation.. Housing Services.. Find me a home.. Rent out a home.. Moving logistics.. Settling-In Services.. Integration Services.. Specialized Services.. Our users.. Individuals.. Employees.. Expats.. Returning Swedes.. Families.. Companies Organizations.. Employers.. Human Resources IA.. Global Relocation Companies.. Our Services.. Available Homes.. Stockholm.. Göteborg.. Norrköping.. Linköping.. Lund.. About Us.. Our commitment.. News.. Download.. Business Partners.. References projects.. Contact Us.. Swedish Midsummer.. Why and how do Swedes celebrate midsummer? We guide you through our culture and traditions.. Enjoy Sweden, really!.. We offer services to smoothly and successfully integrate into Swedish society.. Children & adolescents.. Moving with children? Schools are different and we can help.. Click here to get your moving quote.. We speak English and coordinate everything for you.. Individuals, employers, families, and employees! Give your Swedish adventure a fair chance and get professional help from Sweden Relocation!.. Moving services.. We assist our clients with preparations before, during, and after the move.. Let us give you a free quote or advice.. We can also, before the departure, help predetermine requirements and needs and we can  ...   can be hard to get and figure out.. Also what clothes to wear and when and what utensils to use in the kitchen.. Learn more about Sweden and enjoy your stay more!.. Integration.. Families with children need to find the right kindergardens and schools.. Maybe a spouse needs an occupation or find study opportunities.. Enroll in professional networking groups, learn the Swedish language.. Social Media.. References projects:.. Finding homes, settling-in for the family, getting a work visa and residence permit.. Read more about completed projects and also references.. Click this link.. Member of East Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Norrköpings Företagsgrupp.. Free moving quotes.. Send an email to info@swedenrelocation.. se with specifications of goods, quantity (m3, or number of moving boxes), pick-up and destination addresses, and you will get a personal answer within 3 hours from us.. Please send in your inquiry,.. Team Sweden Relocation AB.. How to reach us:.. Mailing address:.. Box 4014, 600 04 Norrköping.. Visiting address:.. Snippgränd 2, 602 10 Norrköping.. Phone:.. +46 (0)11 - 400 12 90.. Mobile:.. +46 (0)70 - 988 50 38.. Email:.. info@swedenrelocation.. se.. JJS Sweden Relocation AB - enjoy Sweden, really!..

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  • Title: About Sweden | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: About Sweden | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Home.. About Sweden.. Midsummer celebrations in Skatan, Sweden.. Photo: Jonas Sjöbombig events shows history tourism.. Capital.. : Stockholm (the largest city and 1.. 4 million habitants in the urban area).. Population.. : 9.. 7 million.. Language.. : Swedish (most people speak English).. Government.. : Parliamentary monarchy (We have a king but the Prime minister and parliament run the show).. GDP per capita.. : 41.. 000 USD (average income of a Swede per year).. Currency.. : Krona, kronor (SEK), 1 krona is 100 öre (cents), 1 USD is about 7 kronor.. Country dialing code.. : +46.. Big Mac index.. : Overvalued by 25%, A Big Mac Co in Sweden costs around 10 USD (2014).. Sweden is an open and friendly country where people can feel safe and taken care of.. It is located in Northern Europe, and the four seasons are well defined with huge differences in temperature and daylight.. Summers can be hot with +30 C and winters cold with -30 C.. Why could you enjoy it here?.. Because of the people.. Sweden is a country for everyone.. The population is international with a lot of different cultures and religions.. If you walk around in the capital, Stockholm, you might hear several languages spoken around  ...   and fish in most waters.. Sweden has many mountains for explorers, but also flat lands, lakes (90.. 000 of them) and large coast lines where you might find natural beaches and warm water in the summer.. The cities are clean and you can feel safe walking on the streets.. Because of the cool lifestyle.. Swedes are very open minded and tolerant and everyone minds their own business.. People here prioritize and enjoy spare time and being with family and friends.. Culture is big cinema, books, art, music, theater.. Sweden is the largest exporter of music per capita in the world.. Swedish House Mafia, ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, you name it, have all conquered the world, several time over.. So if you are into music, Sweden is a great place for you as well.. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, KISS, love to come here, and usually not only host live shows, but they also record and produce their music here.. Useful links:.. www.. sweden.. - Official website.. informationsverige.. Great website to know more about Sweden as a newcomer.. visitsweden.. - Tourist and society information.. si.. - Swedish promotions abroad.. government.. - Swedish public office.. tullverket.. Swedish Customs.. Menu.. International Relocation.. Domestic Moving Services.. Living in Sweden.. Find Us on Facebook..

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  • Title: Relocation | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Relocation | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Relocation.. Relocating to Sweden often concerns a whole family.. Sweden is a fantastic country to live in, it is relatively open, has a high transparency, and people are easy going.. Families with children can find great living conditions in a great environment.. However, stress factors and oddities can build up if you don t properly prepare the whole family before the move.. For example, without an introduction and overview about the Swedish public system, families will have challenges to understand it.. Spouse and children that come along need attention and careful preparation before the move.. It is of great importance to offer them a soft-landing and setting up social and leisure activities based upon their current life conditions and future expectations.. If the family conditions are properly taken care of, the expatriate  ...   all aspects of the relocation process.. We work proactively and strive to make the international move easier and more cost-efficient for everyone involved.. We can coordinate the whole relocation process from door to door and our clients can trust us as a single point of contact for all inquiries.. We help newcomers, expats, and re-migrating Swedes to adapt faster, better, and smoother in their new environment, in Sweden and abroad, and in particular assisting with the following services:.. Moving logistics – We assist to move your goods from A to B.. Housing services We find and match the right home for the newcomer.. Settling-in services Clothing, grocery shopping, cable TV, bank accounts and more.. Integration services School selection, Swedish language, spouse job search.. Specialized services Concierge, translation and VIP services.. For more information, feel free to.. contact us..

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  • Title: Housing Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Housing Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Housing Services.. Home search.. Sweden Relocation can find and match the right home for each specific need and client.. We monitor the rental market have an extensive network within the real estate sector.. Temporary and Long-Term Accommodation.. We can offer short-term contracts for consultants working with time limited projects, and indefinite first-hand contracts to employees moving in permanently.. Corporate Apartments.. Sweden Relocation can provide moving-in ready, fully furnished accommodation to companies for their employees.. Housing Administration.. Finding a Rental.. Finding a Renter.. Property  ...   over.. Contract Administration and Handling.. Rental contracts are negotiated and controlled by us.. We are also able to assist with payments and keeping track of termination periods.. Utility Hookup Assistance (Electricity, Water, Cable, Internet).. All homes need utilities to function.. We make sure our clients get what they have asked for and that everything works when moving in.. Departure Service.. We assist with all necessary steps that are needed when a client needs to leave the home, such as finalizing a rental contract, moving help, transports, and termination of utilities..

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  • Title: Property Interest Form | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Property Interest Form | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Property Interest Form.. Property Interest Form.. If you are interested in finding a property to rent, please fill out the form below.. We will contact you after we have recieved the information.. Please contact us for questions: +46 (0)11 400 12 90 or.. Property Interest form.. CONTACT INFORMATION:.. Company name.. Contact person - firstname & lastname.. *.. City.. Country.. Phone number.. E-mail.. SEARCHING FOR:.. Type.. Choose.. Flat/Apartment.. Villa.. Room.. Terrace house.. Row house.. Luxury  ...   the houshold.. How many children in the household.. Any pet allergy.. Yes.. No.. Approximate size (in m2).. Number of bedrooms.. Furnishing.. Furnished.. Partly furnished.. Empty.. Accomodation budget (rent, utilities, insurance, garage, etc) per month, SEK.. Desired items for home.. Internet - broadband.. Cabel-TV.. Microwave oven.. Dishwasher.. Washing machine.. Dryer.. Bathtub.. Sauna.. Fireplace.. Garage.. Parking spot.. Elevator.. Communications.. Close to bus stop.. Close to train/commuting train/trolley.. Bicycle path.. Other information, will you bring animals, any disabilities etc.. Rental period:.. Starting MMDDYYYY.. Ending MMDDYYYY..

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  • Title: Let your property | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Let your property | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Let your property.. Let your property.. Before we take on your property, we do have to check that it is of a good and well maintained standard i.. e.. safe to be rented and of a good rental standard.. To present your villa/apartment, please, spare a few minutes to fill in the enclosed description form.. After receiving the form we will contact you within 12 hours to clarify any unspecified details..  ...   form.. Firstname & lastname.. Street address & number.. Postal number & postal address.. Phone number(only digits).. PROPERTY TO RENT OUT:.. Flat.. Living area m2.. Rent per month, SEK.. Description.. Included in rent.. Heating.. Water/Sewer.. Electricity.. Garbage collection.. Phone.. Inventory.. Washer.. Drying cabinet.. TV.. Stereo.. Cabel-TV/Parabol.. Shower.. Area description.. Central.. Countryside.. Close to forest.. Close to ocean.. Close to lake.. Sea view.. Rental period.. Starting (MMDDYYYY).. Ending (MMDDYYYY).. Upload pictures.. I approve above information to be published on this website..

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  • Title: Moving & logistics | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Moving logistics | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Moving logistics.. Don´t put your head in the box let us help you with your move.. Moving.. A move between countries usually involves goods.. It can be furniture for individuals or products for companies.. We make sure that everything is taken care of regarding packing and unpacking, and together with our customer we decide on the best transport option based upon the rules and regulations for each specific country.. Household and Personal Items.. Commercial Goods.. Container, Truck, Rail, Air and Sea / River Transport Coordination.. Logistics.. Logistic advisory and assistance is offered when  ...   goods involved, such as art, automobiles, and pets.. Freight.. Storage (Temporary and Long Term).. Import / Export Assistance.. It is all about preparations and eliminating stress elements.. It is good to know what to expect before coming to Sweden.. That is why Sweden Relocation eliminates time-, money-, and effort barriers before, during, and after the move takes place.. Contact us for a free shipping or moving quote.. Let us know the specifications of goods, quantity of moving boxes, m3, and pick-up and destination addresses.. Also when you are planning the shipment/move, if any specific dates.. Click.. here.. to contact us now!..

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  • Title: Settling-In Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Settling-In Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Settling-In Services.. Welcome to Sweden.. First impressions last.. We make sure the clients are well received in their new country.. We pick them up at the airport and make sure they get a first-class reception and welcome.. We accompany our clients all the way and make sure they are checked in properly in their new home.. Orientation and Guided Tours.. Getting to know your location is important..  ...   made guided tours for specific occasions.. Schools for Accompanying Children and Adolescents.. Nothing is more important than giving accompanying children a safe and smooth landing in their new environment.. We find the right school for each child s needs.. Culture, Society, Foods and Fashion.. When people stay longer in a new country there is a need to know more about the new culture.. We can give more information about these areas in a workshop format..

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  • Title: Integration Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Integration Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Integration Services.. Cross-Culture Training and Coaching.. Returning home or coming to a new country can be challenging in many aspects.. We offer preparation courses for leaving and returning expatriates.. We can also give continuous coaching and support during a term abroad.. Language Training.. By learning the local language there are better chances of integrating faster in the new environment.. We can advise our clients how to learn the language and recommend the best foreign language instructors or institutions for our clients needs.. Spouse  ...   with guidance and support in how to expand their network, get integrated faster, and find employment.. Ongoing Support / Support Phone Line.. Sweden Relocation offers our clients an ongoing support phone line where questions can be raised.. This gives the individual or family a sense of security and eases the burden from the employer.. Activities.. Our extensive client base covers many different nationalities in different locations around Sweden.. We try to maintain contact with most clients after the move is completed and organize get-togethers.. It can be after-work, barbecue or luncheons..

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  • Title: Specialized Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Specialized Services | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Specialized Services.. Our most personal and most exclusive service offerings.. Business travelers and high-end customers might need extra attention and service while working in Sweden.. Concierge Services.. Examples of concierge services here are pick-up at the airport, personal driver and guide during visit, set up business meeting locations and recommend restaurants/conference places, find and reserve hotel rooms or other type of accommodation.. Special Events Meetings.. If you  ...   with selected and hand-picked clients we can be of assistance.. Translation Services.. Our global team can assist with interpreter services in all situations written and real time.. Available during standard business hours.. Swedish and English.. Swedish and English – French.. Swedish and English – Portuguese.. Available on call.. Swedish and English – Spanish.. Swedish and English – German.. Swedish and English – Hindi.. Swedish and English – Tamil.. Others can be arranged with short notice..

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  • Title: Our users | JJS Sweden Relocation AB
    Descriptive info: Our users | JJS Sweden Relocation AB.. Our users.. Sweden Relocation welcomes all types of clients in need of relocation services in and to Sweden.. We can always do a no-strings-attached conversation or consultation before establishing a business relationship.. Whether you are an employee, a consultant, an experienced expatriate, or a returning Swedish citizen, we might help you get a proper, fast, and efficient welcome to Sweden.. When a family is involved in a move to Sweden, especially with children, there are many things to organize and  ...   and organizations move their employees between countries.. If your company is moving an employee to Sweden we want to offer our expertise and help.. Human Resources / International Assignment Departments.. Maybe the relocation process is already set and decided but you would like to complement your suppliers list? Or just would like to refresh and open up for new ideas, we would love to listen.. Global Relocation Companies / Destination providers.. Sweden Relocation works with both local and global relocation companies in order to solve specific candidate challenges..

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